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Video Settings, Color Temperature
+ Best Practices for the Canon 5D


  1. Press the "Menu" button, then press the Right Arrow button five times to access the "Video Setup" menu.

  2. Press the Down Arrow five times to highlight the "Live View/Movie func." field and then press the "Set" button.

  3. Rotate the Quick Command Dial on the back of the camera to highlight the Movie Recording field and press "Set." Rotate the Quick Command Dial again to highlight the "Enable" field and press "Set."

  4. Rotate the Quick Command Dial to highlight the "LV Func." setting and press "Set." Rotate the Quick Command Dial to highlight "Stills + Movie" and press "Set."

  5. Rotate the Quick Command Dial to select "Movie Display" and press "Set." Rotate the Quick Command Dial to select your desired movie resolution from the settings (1920x1080 at 30 frames per second, 1920x1080 at 24 frames per second — this is the one you want, unless you're doing slow motion, in which case you'd record the video faster so that you can then slow it down later for Slo-mo, or 640x480 at 30 frames per second) and then press "Set."

  6. Press the "Live View" button on the back of the camera to the left of the viewfinder. The LCD screen will show the image you are pointing the camera at.

  7. Rotate the Mode dial on the left side of the top of the camera to M, for "Manual settings," (use the green box if you want to shoot in auto mode—hopefully you won't, as you know how to use your DSLR cameras), and start shooting. Make sure if you're shooting in 24P (which you should be), that your shutter speed is set to 50! Super important (see below for details).

  8. Focus the lens on what you want to shoot by rotating the lens barrel clockwise or counterclockwise to zoom the lens and the focus ring to adjust focus. You probably don't want your lens to be set to auto-focus for this (make sure you're really sure you're focused on your subject...you can zoom in really far to do this, set the focus, then zoom out, or use the focus-assist button), so make sure it's set to manual focus. That setting is on the lens itself.

  9. Press the "Set" button. Movie recording will begin. A red circle will display in the upper right corner of the LCD screen to indicate recording is active, and a red light will blink at the bottom right hand side of the rotation dial). Keep an eye on this so that you know when the camera turns off (approx. every 12 minutes — see details under "11," below).

  10. Press the "Set" button again to stop recording.

  11. Remember, the camera overheats so you only get around 12 minutes of recording at a time on it (the 5D Mark II; the 5D Mark III has gotten a bit better, around 18 minutes). As a result, you will not want to use this as the main "A" camera for interviews. You don't want to have to tell your subject to stop, while you press the record button again, and to go back to their thought. Obviously this disrupts the interview. Also, in the worst scenario, you might not realize that the light has gone off, and you may lose a huge portion of your interview. This is why you have the HMC 150 with you—it will not stop recording through your interview (unless, of course, you run out of space on your card).

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